Adobe Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 Now Available

Adobe released a brand new version of the Creative Cloud Packager. Packager 1.3 includes a number of new features that will benefit Adobe Creative Cloud users, specifically IT administrators or those responsible for creating packages.

Among the key  benefits of Creative Cloud are real-time access to the latest software updates from Adobe as they happen, while also allowing customers to maintain access to previous or archived versions of applications. In this release of Creative Cloud Packager, it is possible to create a package with the latest applications and updates, and include an archived application in the same package. In practical terms this means that for those users who want to be on the cutting edge of photography, an administrator can use Creative Cloud Packager to create a package that contains Photoshop CC. And for those who like to take their time before moving to the latest updates, an administrator can create a package that contains the previous version of Photoshop. Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 includes many more features, such as:

  • Support for Native Application installers, including Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Scout, Gaming SDK
  • Support for Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files
  • Remote Update Manager (RUM) support for Feature Bearing Updates
  • Build information in CCP UI
  • New tool to un-install IT Tools

To obtain the latest version of Creative Cloud Packager launch the application and follow the prompt to start the update. Learn more about Creative Cloud Packager and its new features here.


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