Autodesk 360 MegaBots Design and Engineering Challenge

Early last month, Autodesk wrapped up their MegaBots Design Challenge, and declared 3 winning designs.

For those not in the know, MegaBots is a Bay Area based fighting robot company. Yes. A fighting robot company. Their goal is to create an entire league of manned mechanized machines of mayhem that will wow arenas full of spectators in epic scale paintball battles.

In partnership with Autodesk, they set up a design and engineering challenge to help get the word out about this new venture, with the winners of the challenges taking home a sweet cash prize, bragging rights, oh, and their design will be built and mounted on a large scale battle mech.

Lets take a look at the winning entries.

bot arm


This design is for the paintball cannon that will be mounted on the MegaBots and is the winner of the engineering challenge, and was built and mounted on the MegaBot that was at this years Maker Faire.


bot 1

This is the one of the winners of the design challenge, and will eventually be built into a fully fledged MegaBot.


bot 2

This is the second winner of the design challenge, and will also one day be built into a full fledged MegaBot.


Obviously, all of these designs are very ambitious, but we are very much looking forward to seeing them become a reality.

There were many entries for these contests, and not everyone can be winners, so lets take a peek at some of the honorable mentions.



This design, dubbed “Spider” is probably my favorite. Its the most unique design, and just looks deadly.


Many of these designs borrow from science fiction, video games, and anime. This design brings me back to my Mechwarrior days.


This is one of the more realistic looking designs on the honorable mentions list, and I really like the blockiness of the cockpit, although it does sort of look like a Zamboni with legs.


To get more MegaBots related goodness, you should check out the video below, compliments of Maker Faire.

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