Autodesk Signs Agreement to Acquire Shotgun Software

The media and entertainment industry is changing fast as productions become increasingly complex and technology lowers barriers to entry. Studios must operate more fluidly, collaborate globally and work more closely with partners to meet schedules and budgets. To do so they need easy-to-use, scalable and customizable production management tools.

Autodesk was impressed with Shotgun’s vision for a broad and extensible production management platform to help customer face these challenges. It’s a vision Autodesk wishes to accelerate. Shotgun® software is already part of many customers’ businesses and has a strong workflow with both Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. It’s a platform that unites artists and the creative tools (from Autodesk and other vendors) they use every day.

At Autodesk, we love the fact that Shotgun software is very open, providing our clients with a standard platform to manage their entire production process across multiple vendors – a critical capability in today’s competitive marketplace. Shotgun’s culture of close collaboration with clients has resulted in a solution that gets at the core of today’s production challenges. In short, they know what their clients want and need, and they are building it in collaboration with them. This is something Autodesk believes in.

There are no plans to change what you know and love about Shotgun.

Shotgun’s focus on film, television and games, the way they drive their product roadmap in close collaboration with clients, their open dialog, their responsive engineering, their “we’ve got your back” street team – in fact, their whole approach to business – are all part of why Autodesk is acquiring them.  These are all best practices that Autodesk encourages and supports.

The acquisition enables Shotgun to get you more tools, faster.

With three times the engineering firepower, the Shotgun team can aggressively accelerate their product roadmap. This means more features and new tools, faster. Shotgun can now tackle a broader range of production processes, helping customers solve their challenges faster, at a time when production efficiency has never been more critical.

Open is the name of the game.

We intend to keep the Shotgun platform open to everyone – with active support for the tools our customers use – including Nuke, Houdini, Modo, Photoshop, and in-house tools. If anything, we expect this will speed up as we put more resources towards supporting third party tools.

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Read the in-depth FXGuide interviews with Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk senior vice president for media and entertainment, Don Parker, Shotgun CEO, and a panel of industry experts including Lincoln Wallen, Dreamworks, Mike Romey, Zoic Studios, Kevin Baillie, Atomic Fiction, and Ben Grossmann,  Magnopus, on what this acquisition means for Shotgun, Autodesk and the industry.

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