Your Autodesk Softimage Questions Answered

You may or may not have heard, but Autodesk is releasing it’s last version of Softimage next month, and will only continue to support current customers through April of 2016. After that, Softimage is no more.

So, what is a Softimage user to do you ask? Well, there are a number of options, including transitioning to Maya or 3ds Max. Customers with an active Autodesk Softimage Subscription contract can migrate to the latest release of either Maya or 3ds Max, at no additional cost.

From Autodesk:

We regret to inform you that the upcoming 2015 release will be the last one for Softimage® software. This final version is expected to ship on or around April 14, 2014. Autodesk will continue to offer product support until April 30, 2016. We will also provide Softimage support services (including Hot Fixes and Service Packs) to all Softimage customers with Autodesk Subscription, at no cost, until April 30, 2016.

We understand that you will now need time to re-evaluate your production capabilities. To help you, we are offering Autodesk Softimage Subscription customers special no-cost options to migrate to either Maya or 3ds Max software while continuing to use Softimage in production. These options will be available until February 1, 2016. Upgrade paths are also available for customers who are not on Subscription.

Although this decision is a difficult one, we do believe that by focusing our development efforts, we can better serve the needs of the media and entertainment industry and provide customers with better products, faster. Autodesk wants to continue its relationship with you into the future. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause; however, we believe that you will find our new transition product offerings very attractive.

So, understandably you have questions about what is going to happen moving forward, and we have some of the answers.  Hit “Continue Reading” below to see the answers.

What is happening to Softimage?
Autodesk Softimage 2015 will be the last version release of the software. As of March 28, 2014, customers will no longer be able to purchase new standalone licenses. For Softimage customers who are currently on Autodesk Subscription, there will be options to migrate to transition offerings that include either Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3ds Max for no additional cost

Can I purchase new seats of Softimage?
As of March 28, 2014 only existing Softimage customers will be able to purchase new or additional seats of Softimage by purchasing either the Maya with Softimage or 3ds Max with Softimage transition offerings. These transition offerings will be available for purchase at the cost of $3,675 US SRP* for the duration of the transition period (approximately two years (see question 5)). These transition offerings will also be available as rental plans for purchase at the cost of $575 US SRP quarterly, or $1,840 US SRP annually. After the two year transition period customers will no longer be able to purchase or rent new Softimage licenses from Autodesk.

I am on Subscription. Is there a migration path for me?
Yes, if you have an active Softimage Subscription contract you will be able to migrate to the latest release of either Maya or 3ds Max, at no additional cost. In order for you to continue to use Softimage while you transition we have created two special offerings which will be available to you for a limited time only (the transition period*):

• Maya with Softimage: includes Autodesk Maya 2015 and Autodesk Softimage 2015
• 3ds Max with Softimage: includes Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and Autodesk Softimage 2015

This way, you can still use your license of Softimage for production work while learning either Maya or 3ds Max.

Can customers who did not previously own Softimage purchase these bundles?
No. The Maya with Softimage and 3ds Max with Softimage licenses are not available to customers who do not currently own Softimage

I recently purchased Softimage software/Subscription. Can I get a full refund?
Standard Autodesk refund policies apply. Contact us for more information.

What is happening to Entertainment Creation Suite Premium customers?
Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2014 and Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2014 will be the last releases of the Premium suites. All Premium suite customers on Subscription will be automatically fulfilled with Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015. If you are not on Subscription you may be able to upgrade.

What is happening with the Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate offering?
Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate will remain with the same product composition for two years: Softimage 2015 and whatever the latest versions of 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder and Mudbox may be during that time period. The Ultimate Suite will also be re-priced to match the previous price of the Premium Suite at $6,825 US SRP*. Ultimate Suite Subscription prices will also be reduced to be close to the price of the previous Premium Suite Subscription with Advanced Support offering at $1,090 US SRP* (a $75 difference). After two years, Softimage will be removed from the suite.

If you have additional questions, take a look at this pdf, or call us at (888) 542-8941

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