eyeon Releases the Next Dimension

Dimension’s stereoscopic technology is, at its core, an advanced optical flow-based science that offers two series of tools, the disparity toolset and the optical flow toolset. For ultimate control over stereo sequences, Dimension can precisely construct disparity mapping for accurate per-pixel manipulation of the left and right eyes in true 3D space.

Eyeon Fusion 6.31 is now available

Eyeon releases Fusion 6.31 with new features!
Fusion’s legendary rendering performance and versatile, feature-rich toolset excels in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. As the Swiss Army knife of post production, and with over 23 years of development, Fusion is capable of easily scaling from single users to thousand-seat studios in multiple locations. Fusion’s new GPU-accelerated architecture and OpenCL tools outperforms any production requirement on any complex level.