Cebas Grand Reveal @SIGGRAPH 2014 – Booth# 914!

cebas has TWO major announcements, showcasing its latest plugins: moskitoRenderTM and thinkingParticles 6TM.
cebas Visual Technology Inc will also be updating all of its finalRender fans previewing the flagship finalRender 4 GPUTM brand new feature additions.

mosktioRenderTM: The First Fully Featured GPU Renderer for 3ds Max

Come and watch cebas’ exclusive showcasing of its latest horsepower GPU-Only mosktioRenderTM. The GPU renderer that will replace your renderer without second guessing or regrets! mosktioRenderTM for 3ds Max uses Nvidia’s latest technology with the least amount of software and creative restrictions of all GPU-only renderers on the market!

thinkingParticles 6TM: You Are Your Own Magician!

thinkingParticlesTM is one of cebas’ flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry.
Countless blockbuster movies and projects are home to thinkingParticles’ limitless ability to portray advanced physics-based particle effects that are simply mindblowing!
Now, entering the world of fully procedural fluid dynamics and soft body simulations; thinkingParticles Version 6 covers almost any/all possible scenarios of, what is known as, the “multi-physics” effects.

finalRender 4 GPUTM: It’s Revolution Not Evolution!

cebas Visual Technology Inc will show its most advanced product in the making; finalRender 4 GPUTM. As a technology leader in the field of physically accurate rendering, cebas was the first to bring advanced global illumination rendering to 3ds Max in a new and unique way. And in continuing to offer groundbreaking technology, cebas is introducing a whole new approach to Physically accurate Global Illumination Rendering based on its unique and finalRender 4 GPUTM exclusive trueHybridTM rendering acceleration technology.

SIGGRAPH Visitors and thinkingParticles fans get to witness some of the industry’s best thinkingParticles visual effects and animations presented by the one and only Will Wallace! A VFX guru who has a portfolio full of amazing movie and game-title scenes as well as the creator of HouseFX – His latest DVD training package for destruction with thinkingParticles inside 3ds Max.

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