Deadline 8.0 is Coming Soon!

Deadline 8.0 is coming soon and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Deadline 8 includes some really cool new features and is one of the biggest releases to come from Thinkbox Software in a few years. Along with tons of new updates and features, Deadline 8 also introduces the ground-breaking new Usage Based Licensing (UBL) feature – the new, simple way to utilize Deadline On Demand.  That alone is worth keeping your Deadline maintenance renewed.

Deadline 8

Thinkbox’s UBL approach even extends to third-party tools such as The Foundry’s NUKE – all at the click of a button. Working either on-premise, remotely, on on the cloud, you can access the rendering time that you need, whatever the product, all at the click of a button.

Using UBL will only ever consume time during the minutes it renders: you’ll never end up paying for time you didn’t use. And what’s more, Deadline 8.0 works alongside existing licenses. Permanent licenses will always be preferred, so you won’t waste your resources elsewhere.

Deadline 8 also adds Proxy Server capabilities, the ability to control multiple farms from a single screen and Python sandboxing for increased stability.

Permanent licenses of Deadline are currently available for purchase or renewal at $185 USD, including one year of support and software updates. Starting April 15, 2016, Deadline will be priced at $195 USD per license. On-demand licensing will vary depending on usage.

Deadline 8.0 is due to launch on April 15.

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