Deadline 9 Now Available

What’s new in Deadline 9?

The latest version of our scalable high-volume compute management solution – Deadline 9.0 is now available. This new version introduces additional security features and UI improvements. For improved security of your render farm, all connections from Deadline to the Deadline database will use SSL certificates that can be password protected. In addition, new installation and configuration options have been added to better support distributed deployments.

Deadline’s Remote Command system now supports Remote Command encryption, and validation checks to confirm that the commands originated from the sender connected to the same Repository. Remote Command redirection is also supported via Deadline Pulse, allowing Remote Commands to be securely sent across different subnets.

A common interface is now included in all submitters for Draft – Deadline’s plug-in for automating deliverables – and for project management applications including Autodesk Shotgun, ftrack and NIM. You can now use additional applications and renderers with Deadline, including Altus, Cinebench, Clarisse’s CNode, Composite 2017, Corona 1.4 and 1.5, Episode, KeyShot, Media Encoder 2017, Microstation CONNECT, Redshift for Houdini, Redshift Standalone, Silhouette, SketchUp 2017, V-Ray’s vdenoise, and VRED. V-Ray DBR support has been included for modo and Rhino 5, the 3dsCmd plugin now supports Dynamic V-Ray DBR offloading, and a V-Ray standalone submitter has been added for The Foundry’s NUKE. Jigsaw rendering for Redshift For Maya and Tile rendering for Cinema 4D and VRED are now included in addition to Redshift exporting from Maya, and Renderman exporting from Houdini.

Note that if you’re using traditional floating licenses, a new 9.0 license is required to run this version. However, if you’re using Usage Based Licensing, your existing render time will still be compatible. In addition, the version of Draft that ships with Deadline 9.0 has been upgraded to 1.6, which will require a new license as well. Please contact our sales department to request updated floating licenses for Deadline and Draft.

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Maintenance users can download Deadline 9.0 from their account

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