Digital Restoration with PFClean

Starting from Scratch with PFClean

There’s a very interesting story on The Pixel Farm’s website about the use of PFClean on restoring digital footage. In this case it was used by a company called Realworks on a documentary about the life of Heinrich Himmler.

Realworks is the digital restoration company behind the creation of the documentary film, The Decent One (2014). The documentary illustrates, through unseen writings, photographs and archive footage, the private life of Heinrich Himmler and his family.

The archive footage, which brings the unseen writings to life, required an intensive restoration process before the documentary could be finalised. Director of The Decent One and Founder of Realworks, Vanessa Lapa, and Producer, Tomer Eliav, tell us how they used PFClean to restore the historic footage for a cinematic release.


The adoption of PFClean has transformed the way restoration companies such as Realworks operate, allowing them to test new value propositions, develop new customer oriented metrics, and to explore opportunities which in the past were never obtainable. Realworks demonstrated how instrumental PFClean was in not only maintaining image integrity for a project with material of utmost historical importance, but also in delivering the seemingly unachievable. That’s where PFClean empowers the most innovative and driven companies to become pioneers.

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