The Foundry Nuke 8 Is Coming!

The Foundry has been hard at work on the most anticipated product release this year, and we’re very excited to be able to share the news that The Foundry NUKE 8.0 is coming later this year (2013).

Creative, cutting-edge compositing
NUKE 8.0 offers something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced NUKE artist, thinking about taking the plunge or a pipeline developer, this year NUKE becomes more intuitive, fast, powerful and open than ever before.

With its broad range of highly desirable feature additions, NUKE 8.0 is the perfect tool to get your job done, be it in film, commercials, episodic or marketing and advertising. Find out more from NUKE Product Manager Jon Wadelton in our Sneak Peek video.

NUKE 8.0 highlights

    • Complete creative control

NUKE 8.0 features a new Text node that lets artists compose, edit and animate directly in the viewer, and a huge update to the Dope Sheet that gives artists powerful timeline viewing of scripts. In addition NUKE 8.0 features a new intelligent in-context help system as well as a range of artist friendly colour controls including: an intuitive in-panel Colour Wheel, new Match Grade node (exclusive to NUKEX), a Pixel Analyser and Scopes for viewing the most detailed levels of colour data.


    • The cutting-edge in compositing

NUKE’s Camera Tracker has been redefined to make set solves even more simple within one integrated environment and theModel Builder now features UV creation to give artists even greater 3D control, these features (both exclusive to NUKEX) combine to make environment work fast and efficient all inside of NUKE.

NUKE 8.0 also features a number of new 3D tools, includingViewer Capture that allows artists to flipbook images from the viewer, a new Edit Geo node for greater control, Particle Cache node to speed up rendering times and Wireframe Shader nodefor increased control over projection mapping. NUKE’s Scanline Renderer benefits from Deep Output to enhance the Deep Compositing workflow and overall speed and performance are improved with the addition of OpenEXR 2.0 multi-part image read and write support, Alembic 1.5 and Planar Rendering.


    • Plugged further into the pipeline

With NUKE 8.0 developers can now write their own image processing operations inside of NUKE using the new Blink Script node to ensure the best possible performance from their teams hardware. The new Import NUKE function lets developers use NUKE as a module in any Python interpreter, and developers of C++ plugins can now output planar data in more flexible ways thanks to the new Planar Rendering Framework.

Jon Wadelton, NUKE Product Manager at The Foundry comments:

“This version of NUKE is very exciting because I truly believe we’ve made NUKE accessible to users of other compositing applications. Additions like the new dope sheet, text tool and user interfaces such as the color wheel will provide a familiar environment. NUKE is now so big and so powerful, we can’t wait to release later this year and see what people think.”

Want to know more?

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  • Full details on all the great new features will be coming soon.

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