Free Stuff This Week

1. Free Film Burns and light leaks presets for Premiere Pro, Final Cut X and iMovie from Digital Cinema Foundry.

FREE 720P Film Burn Version 1
FREE 720P Film Burn Version 2
FREE 720P Film Burn Version 3
FREE 720P Film Burn Version 4

Watch the Tutorial here.

2. Ouroboros for After Effects by Sander van Dijk

The Ouroboros preset gives you a new shape layer with a stroke and some effects. Now parent that new shape layer to any other original shape and it will take on its properties. The new layer holds the stroke and follows whatever your original shape is doing. Then duplicate the ” Stroke Ouroboros 1 ” inside ” Contents, group1 ”  to create more strokes on that same shape path!

Click here to view full post and obtain download!

3. GrungeFX by Slouchcorp for Maxon Cinema 4D

The tool provides an easy way to setup unique grunge, weathering, and distress effects to your object in Cinema 4D without any need to UV map or use BodyPaint to paint masks.

Click Here to View Post and Get Download


4. Maxon Cinema 4D Color Correction Presets from Think Particle!

Sam Welker put together a quick little freebie for everyone. A set of 10 different color corrections for the Cinema 4D Picture Viewers. Here’s a quick video for you as well to show how it is used.

Download Link

5. Free C4D model village from The Pixel Lab

Anil Viji, over at created a personal project and wanted to share it with everyone. Anil wants to get into 3D matte painting and environments and is just getting started in C4D.  He calls this project “Collapsed Ground Village” and is free to use.  Check it out, grab some elements or textures for your own Cinema 4D stuff.

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