Furryball 4.5 Released

Furryball 4.5 New Features:

Furryball 4.5 Standalone version

  • Added asynchronous progressive rendering
  • Changed FPS/Time behavior
  • Fixed exporting and importing scenes
  • Fixed region rendering
  • Fixed noise seed update
  • Some fixes in network rendering
  • Fixed SSS and translucence in FurryBall material
  • Fixed stereo camera in exported file
  • Fixed background in planar mirrors
  • Fixed alpha in indirect

Furryball 4.5  for Maya Plugin (2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014)

  • Added asynchronous progressive rendering
  • Fixed Convert to FurryBall light script
  • Fixed selection sets
  • Fixed gamma correction in output settings node

Furryball 4.5 for 3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014)

  • Added asynchronous progressive rendering
  • Fixed tile rendering
  • Progressive + async rendering support
  • Progressive activeshade
  • Progressive production render (async without file output, sync with file output)
  • Progressive quality selection in render settings
  • Rasterization reflection support
  • Renamed to FurryBall exporter
  • Enabled overwriting of old exports by selecting the appropriate render.fb file
  • Connected falloff and hotspot parameters for FB Spotlight (falloff always bigger than hotspot)
  • Paramblock versioning (backwards compatibility of savefiles)
  • Debug options hidden for Release

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