Imagineer Systems releases Mocha v3.1 Point Release

Imagineer Systems announced today that a new point release will be available for download on November 5, 2012. This new point release offers many customer requested improvements and significant new features for After Effects, Nuke, and Assimilate Scratch Users.

Version 3.1 will work with existing v3 licenses. No new license activation is required.

What’s New in mocha Pro v3.1

  • Greatly improved Lens Module
  • Ability to import and use External Distortion Maps in all mocha Pro modules
  • Ability to export rasterized Distortion Maps for Nuke, Fusion, Flame and more.
  • Support for export to new mocha Lens plug-in for After Effects.
  • 3D Camera export to HitFilm2 from FXhome
  • RED (R3D) file support
  • Export colored roto shapes directly to Nuke and After Effects (or render externally)
  • Seamlessly export Planar Tracking data to ASSIMILATE SCRATCH 7

What’s New in mocha AE v3.1

  • mocha AE v3.1 strengthens its toolset with a workflow for handling lens distorted footage and format support enhancements including:
  • New Lens Module for analyzing and calibrating clips;
  • New mocha Lens plug-in for After Effects users, enabling artists to paste lens data directly to the After Effects timeline to distort or undistort layers. mocha Lens is a free plug-in and works with Adobe CS4-CS6.
  • RED (R3D) file support;
  • Ability to export color roto shapes to mocha shape for AE plug-in.
  • 3D Camera Export to HitFilm 2 Ultimate

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