MODO 801 is Here!

MODO 801 is Out Now!
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MODO 801 Individual License Upgrade – Regular Price $495, Buy Now For $395
MODO 801 Floating License Upgrade – Regular Price $695, Buy Now For $595
MODO 801 + MeshFusion Bundle – Individual License – Regular Price $1890, Buy Now For $1516.25

You may also Contact the Motion Media Sales Team at (310) 450-4000, for other MODO 801 purchase options.

MODO brings you the next generation of 3D modeling, animation, sculpting, effects and rendering in a powerful integrated package. An end-to-end solution delivering raw horsepower, refined technology and robust workflows, MODO is the creative option of choice for artists and designers around the world – from home-based hobbyists to Hollywood studios.

MODO 801 Feature List

  • Nodal Shading
    Enhancing the existing material process, the new nodal shading view let’s artists of every level create more complex shaders and materials. Artists can now more easily visualize complex material setups quickly and alter values of textures and shaders on a per-sample basis with the new Shader Inputs or Procedural Output channels for color, value and alpha. Users of other 3D packages might also find this to be a more familiar working environment now.
  • Enhanced snapping
    Create complex sets of snapping conditions with the addition of new snapping presets, enhanced snapping options and intelligent snapping controls. This re-invented toolset adds precision and intelligence to the modeling process and features an almost unlimited number of combinations that automatically react to the context in which you are working.
  • Animation Improvements
    New keyframing features include Time Markers, Onion Skinning, Spacing Charts, and In-between Tools. These additions to the animation workflow will resonate with traditional animators and make MODO even more approachable to those learning. Animators can now also load standard motion capture formats or transfer existing MODO character animation more easily with the easy to use retargeting toolset. All these tools provide the perfect framework to animate believable characters.
  • Rigging and Deformers
    The new Wrap, Lattice and Bezier Deformers extend MODO’s robust Order of Operations (OoO) deformation tools. The Wrap Deformer greatly enhances MODO’s rigging toolsets enabling animation on high-resolution objects such as character meshes. The Bezier Deformer gives amazing control over complex curve-based deformations.
  • Referencing
    Referencing in MODO 801 allows for efficient collaborative workflows and asset reuse that just simply works. Collaborate more efficiently with significantly enhanced referencing workflows that enable overriding referenced scene items and manage complex scene creation with segmented portions that can be executed simultaneously – eliminating the need to maintain and manually update multiple master scenes or setups.
  • New COLLECTIVES Workflows
    MODO 801 features more advanced relighting capabilities in NUKE with the addition of Diffuse Coefficient Outputs. When combined in NUKE raw diffuse color, diffuse amount and energy conservation will equal the diffuse coefficient. MODO 801 also includes a fully integrated color management pipeline, built on the industry standard OpenColorIO library, matching NUKE’s default config – ensuring color consistency across all applications in the COLLECTIVES. The data exchange between MODO and MARI now features UDIM import as well as other improvements for working more efficiently with UDIM tiles.

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