Motion Media Does Art Walk

Last Thursday, the Seattle Motion Media Project space launched at the Seattle Pioneer Square Art Walk with a soft opening. The Motion Media Project space featured the work of visual artist, Robbie Schroeder.

Robbie Schroeder was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. In grade school, his art teacher explained that anything can be drawn with a combination of whole or segmented shapes, and segmented lines. He explores this idea in glass sculpture, and pen and ink drawing. View more of his artwork on his portfolio website. His work is both playful and colorful – with subliminal visuals that float to the surface the longer you stare. Some pieces are dark and heavily saturated with color, while others feature white space and heavily emphasize lines and the shapes therein.

20150402-DSC_1538 (1)

Robbie’s work was well received at the April 2nd Pioneer Square Art Walk. Art Walkers had a great time familiarizing themselves with our Black Magic rackmount demo unit (complete with 4k monitor, a smartscope duo, a teranex express, an ATEM Television Studio, and a hyper shuttle), Black Magic’s Da Vinci Resolve (featuring Tangent Elements control surfaces) and with our Cel Robox 3d printer. The 3d printer is always a crowd pleaser! Art Walkers also gorged themselves on a mountain of cheese and slugged down wine and beer provided gratis by Motion Media.

20150402-DSC_1466 20150402-DSC_1547

20150402-DSC_1593 20150402-DSC_1524

When asked about his Art Walk Gallery opening experience, Robbie Schroeder provided the following response, “Someone hit on me, I sold $400 worth of art. My dad came by, over 100 people walked through. I got to explain some basic answers to some basic questions about the process and meaning of my art. Can’t think of anything too deep.” Robbie moonlights as a stand-up comic in the hours when he is not producing and selling art.


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