Motion Media’s Top 5 Gaming Trends

Check out Motion Media’s top 5 game picks for 2015. Granted, we are most excited about Kerbal Space Program because … SPACE! SPACE TRAVEL! If we had planned our future better, we would be training at NASA right now instead of writing about playing Kerbal Space Program. Let dreamers dream!

1. We, like many other gamers, are big fans of BesiegeBesiege is a game in which you construct catapults, trebuchets and other siege engines. The concept is similar to old school legos (before legos were collectors items endorsed by various players within the entertainment industry).

Most Besiege players use it to construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to their surroundings. You want your machines to crush objects, wipe out battalions, transport resources, and defend your own strongholds against  whatever your desperate enemies have at their disposal. Ultimately, you must conquer every other Besiege kingdom in as creative or clinical a manner as possible!

A writer at Kotaku was particularly tickled by the creativity of Besiege players,

We’ve seen it time and time again: if people have the freedom to make things, they’ll probably make genitals. Even in Nintendo games, this axiom is true. Nothing is safe. So it’s probably not surprising to hear that Besiege, the game physics-based building game where you create death machines that (hopefully) destroy everything in their path, has its share of cool siege engines.Also, dicks. It’s always dicks.


2. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre game in which players create a space program. Players must build space-worthy craft, capable of flying a crew into space, without killing them. In order to do so, players must assemble a collection of parts to create a functional ship.

Kerbal Space Program is great  for those who really, really love space and and want to invest time in exploring the challenges that come with space travel. In designing your own rockets, spaceplanes, rovers or anything your imagination can create with parts provided and fly them, most of your inventions WILL crash and explode when you are a beginner Kerbal space explorer.  If you are an ideal player of KSP, failures are equally as rewarding  as successes. When you get your crazy contraption to actually fly, the learing process is incredible.

Don’t attempt to play this game if you get easily frustrated, or, aren’t willing to commit to figuring out how to get to space on a self-made instrument.


3. All AI Civilization 5 games

Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy, 4X video games, many of them produced by Sid Meier.

All titles in the series are centered on building a civilization from prehistory up to the contemporary. Each turn allows the player to move his or her units on the map, build or improve new cities and units, and initiate negotiations with players controlled by the computer.  Players may also choose to focus on specific fields of research to bolster the dynamics of civilization at play. These choices reflect the cultural, intellectual, and technical sophistication of the civilization. For the most part, to win an AI Civilization game, you must pull off a successful military conquest, achieve a certain level of culture, or build an interstellar space ship. You can also win by achieving a high score – but that sounds a little boring to us.


4. Twitch plays Pokémon.

Twitch Plays Pokémon is a social experiment and channel on the video streaming website Twitch, consisting of a crowdsourced attempt to play Pokémon using commands sent from the channel’s chat room.

Inspired by another Twitch-based interactive game, SaltyBet,  Twitch plays Pokémon is described as a social experiment.  The twitch system was coded by an anonymous Australian programmer, and consists of  IRC bot written in Python and VisualBoyAdvance. The script captures specific messages (directional commands, “B”, “A”, “select”, and “start”) sent into the stream’s chat room by users. The streamer chose Pokémon Red and Blue for the project because,  “Even when played very poorly it is difficult not to make progress in Pokémon“.

The erratic control scheme makes the game fairly difficult to play. The red character often gets stuck in corners, walks in circles, and compulsively checks his Pokédex. Commands from the chat are imputed faster than the game processes them. Game progress is almost impossible even without the lag factor or the ‘help’ of gleeful trolls.

twitch pokemon

5. Evolve
 Evolve is a multiplayer first-person shooter game made for five players. You can play as a human conspirator—as one of four hunters—or you can choose to play as the human enemy, as the monster/boss/aberration who they battle.
When you play as a monster—either the fist-flinging Goliath, the Wraith that aims to confuse its prey, or the Kraken that deals in heavy lightning damage and flight—you utilize stealth, creative spontaneity and planning, and manipulation of both the map and the hunters’ eagerness to your advantage.
When you play as one of the four hunter classes—assault, trapper, medic, support—you learn to work as a team, and to respect the chain of command as it shifts between stages of the fight.

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