New at NAB: Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max 2016!

At NAB, Autodesk representatives have a busy week ahead of them. Two exciting Autodesk updates to be released this week include Maya and 3ds Max 2016.

The Maya 2016 update includes a redesigned interface, better animation performance, more GPU-accelerated components, and the addition of a profiler tool (to analyze and troubleshoot Maya performance). Autodesk has also rearranged menus and buttons so that similar tools are placed together.

Components of Maya’s redesign are purely aesthetic. Graphics appear to be flattened and modernized.  Additionally, Maya 2016 includes HiDPI support for 4K monitors, and laptops such as Dell’s Precision M3800 or Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

The 3ds Max 2016 update no longer includes ‘standard’ and Design versions of the 3D suite. The 3ds Max 2016 gives you the choice between using Classic and Design workspace templates.  Users install renderers and other components as they see fit.

Autodesk also added exciting scene set-ups with pre-selected renderers, lighting, and environments to the 3ds Max 2106. This enables users to design and share custom set-ups with their teammates.

Additionally, the new 3ds Max interface supports multi-touch navigation (using Wacom’s Cintiq Companion 2 or Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3). These newly supported features enable users to rotate objects with multi-touch gestures while using the pen to modify geometry or other scene elements.

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