RealFlow Batman Case Study

The problem

“The Batmobile makes its entrance in the cinematic by emerging from underneath a lake. We needed to make it look believable, dramatic and really cool at the same time.
The FX schedule we had was for about two months. The FX team had around five people on it. The pressures included getting other shots done on other shows and a very tight schedule.”

The solution

“I usually use RealFlow for most of my fluids, it’s just out of the box the easiest fluid solver and package to use. RealFlow pretty easily integrated into our pipeline, we didn’t need to do a lot of backend work to make it work on our farm. The greatest benefit of RealFlow is the ease of use out of the box, you can quickly set up a decent sim in no time. Even if you are a fluid wiz. It’s great to look back over the years and see how far RealFlow has come. From a piece of software you were sure when it would crash to a very stable production proven piece of software I couldn’t live without today.

I used RealFlow’s Hybrido fluid solver as a particular technique. Over all it was pretty straight forward. RealFlow made it easy for a quick turnaround. It was very invaluable to me to use RealFlow Nodes in order to do wedges of the sims.”

The result

“When the Batmobile leaps out of the water and lands producing water being kicked up and water spray.”

To check out a tutorial showcasing the workflow between RealFlow, 3ds Max, Krakatoa, Frost, After Effects and Vray, click here. To download a basic introductory guide to RealFlow, click here.

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