Review of The Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015

Brad Clark and the Animation World Network recently did an honest, in depth review of the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015. The review gives you a good insight into the improvements in the software as well as any shortcomings. Give it a read and let us know if you agree in the comments.

From the Review:

Rest in peace Softimage

Technically there is a 2015 version with updates, but this will be the last version of Softimage. As were many of you, I was shocked and saddened by the announcement that Softimage had reached end-of-life and was being discontinued. Looking to the bright side, I felt that maybe it was going to be a good thing and the fresh eyes looking over Maya and 3dsMax would bring some innovation to these somewhat old cranky workhorses. Time will tell, and until then we should focus on the 2015 release of the suite and welcome our Softimage users to the mix.

Last year during my review I mentioned that I was feeling studios might not be getting maximum benefit from the suite and missing out on tools that were better in one package than another. The old thinking that you’d Model in Max, Rig and Animate in Maya (the Softimage guys just laughed and went back to doing it all in one software) is now ready to be flipped around. With Maya 2015 once again getting a big modeling and simulation upgrade and with Max’s much improved UI love for big scene management and even faster viewport speed, in addition to adding python support, things are looking up for both camps.

After getting the suite installed, there were already a few service patches available and thankfully they installed right over the existing software…no need to waste time uninstalling the freshly installed software first.

Since Softimage is done, I didn’t install it. Sad yes, but in the past 10 years as much as I wanted to invest deeper time in it, no client ever asked and my time goes where the work is. So this will not include a review of Softimage. It is time to move forward. R.I.P Softimage.

I did install 3dsMax, Maya and MotionBuilder and will review the improvements and failings of this release. For those new to my reviews, I feel most of you can read the “what’s new” documents yourself and watch the nice updated movies but you come here to learn something that wasn’t included in the press release and that is what I aim for. I focus on my areas of interest and experience – character rigging, motion capture and overall workflow efficiency.

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