SolidRocks 1.5 for 3Ds Max is out!

SolidRocks 1.5 is out and is V-RAY 3 ready!

New features and updates:

  • V-Ray 3.0 ready! Progressive, embree, Max ray, proba lights
  • New BruteForce unbiased render method
  • New unified picture and elements saving feature
  • Friendly Vray RT preview (max 2013 and 2014 only)
  • Faster MOA Wizard (animation wizard)
  • New DR and BB buttons for network rendering
  • Fly Through animation Wizard
  • Compatible with Siger Shaders
  • 1 click process for complete Vray setup
  • Modular and small interface (GUI)
  • Mini preview for fast feedback
  • Auto Exposure and Auto White balance tools
  • Full LWF gamma correction with useful options
  • Modifiable presets : exterior, interior
  • Share Light cache tool to speedup slaves warmup
  • Materials and lights optimization for faster rendertimes
  • Draft to Production Switch settings with one click

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