Substance Painter 1.7 Released!


Allegorithmic has released Substance Painter 1.7, to close what has been a very fruitful year for the tool. Indeed Substance Painter has come quite a long way, and needless to say they plan on keeping the same pace in 2016! This update contains new features which are mostly about improving the artist’s workflow and adding quality content, mainly:

  • The ability to assign a different shader per texture set.
  • Being able to create your own project templates.
  • Painting enhancements: improved precision thanks to an update of the brush engine (better handling of sub-pixel painting, filtering for stamping and antialiasing when painting sharp strokes and patterns).
  • New content: car paint shader, Dota shader, velvet shader, baked lighting filter (allows to bake lighting information in your base color/diffuse) and new mask generators (light position and 3D distance).

Of course, this update also comes with many other improvements and fixes, find out more in the full release note.

Download Substance Painter 1.7.

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