V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit Has Been Released

V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit is now ready!

V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit is now ready! Beta 3 runs noticeably faster — up to 30% faster. Chaos Group also refined the interface, improved interactive rendering and added support for Revit 2017.

Here are two new features we think you’ll love: V-Ray Swarm and Project Gallery.

V-Ray Swarm

Chaos Group is unveiling a new web-based distributed rendering system — code-named V-Ray Swarm. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to split rendering across multiple computers. Getting started with V-Ray Swarm is easy and is designed to update automatically to match the user’s version of V-Ray.

V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit Vray Swarm

Project Gallery

With the new Project gallery, users can save renders and include them right in their Revit project. Renders can also be added to drawing sheets and set to update automatically, so the latest render is always available.

V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit Project Gallery

See complete list of changes here.

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