Webinar: Introducing V-Ray for Modo

Motion Media and Chaos Group did the first ever webinar on V-Ray for Modo on 7/28/16, here’s the original info and recorded webinar. If you’re interested in V-Ray for Modo check out our website.

V-Ray for MODO officially launched in July, integrating seamlessly into MODO and bringing in V-Ray’s rendering power with optimized CPU and GPU-accelerated options to artists and designers.

Now you have the chance to attend V-Ray for MODO’s first online presentation for the US, presented by Chaos Group’s Kalina Panteleeva.

Kalina will demonstrate how V-Ray’s highly-optimized, adaptive ray tracing technology complements and expands upon MODO’s signature workflow, bringing a complete interactive lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit at the disposal of artists and designers.

You will see in action all V-Ray’s latest signature advances – the Denoiser, the powerful GPU rendering capabilities, V-Ray’s Physical Camera, the Triplanar Maping, Ray traced rounded corners, the unique set of purpose-built shaders, V-Ray’s Clipper and of course – the VR rendering capabilities – all of them, now available for you directly in MODO.

You will learn how through V-Ray for MODO you enhance your control over the entire creative process, from real-time look development to final frame rendering.

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